Leica SmartNet North America GNSS

Maine Technical Source - Leica GNSS  Data for Post Processing

Maine Technical Source was one of the first facilities in North America to provide Base Station data for post processing available to GPS user at no charge.  In order for Maine Technical Source to coninue providing the scalability, perform, and expandability we have negotiated a transition on November 1st 2016 to Leica SmartNet North America.

Leica SmartNet North America - Built on reliable high performance Leica GNSS technology

Finally, surveyors, engineers, contractors an municipalities no longer need to incur cost or hassle of setting up and monitoring temporary base stations. Through affordable subscription service, you can gain access to the Leica SmartNet NA RTK Network and its extensive array of more than 1,400 permanent base station with coverage for 47 states and 8 provinces. The Leica SmartNet NA RTK Network allows you to locate positions via internet for both "Nearest Site" and "Network" solutions.

If you want to request a subscription please call Dan Blais at 800-322-5003 extension 121 or email [email protected]

Why use the Leica SmartNet North America Network?

Save Money. No need to invest in a base station, when you can receive corrections for a 1st order control Network Base Station. Should you already own a base station, even another brand of equipment, you can easily convert it into a productive quickly. Fast rover initialization to get you up to speed and productive quickly.

  • Fast rover initialization to get you up to speed and productive quickly.
  • Real-time data collection - errors are instantly corrected in the field.
  • Centimeter-level accuracy up to 40 Kilometers from each base station.
  • Reduce dependency on ground control monuments.
  • Flexibility to connect with Leica SmartNet RTK network, anytime - day or night.
  • Superior Leica reliability, backed with around-the-clock monitoring by Leica.
  • Direct Internet connectivity with password-restricted access.

What are some advantages of SmartNet over free DOT networks?

  • Greater area coverage without switching networks (National Coverage)
  • New subscription includes AT&T data plan (estimate $450 a year saving)
  • Performance enhanced with Bases Stations owned by Leica
  • Customers have personal SmartNet Login Portal to administer account
    • The ability to add additional personal to their portal to help administer
  •  Post Processing Data available to download from Portal
  •  Redundancy uptime with Bases Station owned by Leica
    • Installed bases from Leica include multiple internet connections
      • Additional router that adds Verizon and AT&T internet connections
    • Leica Servers are hosted and have multiple servers for insured uptime.
  • Base Station in our area not covered by DOT’s (Example NH)
  • Dedicated support team:
    • Email [email protected]
    • Phone 770-326-9500 ext. 1430
    • Status Web Site:

If you need more information on our different Subscription plans for centimeter-accuracy or Rentals to test drive on a project give us a call.

If you have questions or require assistance, contact Dan Blais or Jim Bosworth at Maine Technical Source at (800) 322-5003.