Technology Day - Woburn MA 4-25-19


Course Descriptions

8:30-11:30am - Discover New Capabilities with High-Speed Laser Scanning

The Leica RTC360 laser scanner is a fast, agile, automated, professional 3D laser scanner that is easy to use and designed for maximum productivity. It automatically records your moves from setup to setup to pre-register your scans in the field using a state-of-the-art Visual Inertial System (VIS). The Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 accompanying field application provides a real-time 3D interface to review cloud alignment and augment your cloud data with spatially aware information tags. Go hands-on with the Leica RTC360 in the real-world environment and put its performance to the test.

12:30-1:30pm - Achieve Breakthrough Productivity with GNSS

The GNSS environment is changing, with new advances that work to your advantage. By using technology that supports all known and future signals, you can take GNSS observations wherever you need them, regardless of environmental conditions. The ability to work without leveling the pole enables you to take measurements faster, easier, and with better reliability. Learn how to leverage these innovations in your business as you explore the speed and power of the Leica GS18 T tilt rover.

1:30-4:00pm - Unearth New Opportunities in Underground Utility Detection

Utility coordination, relocation, and condition assessment, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and utility designating surveys are in high demand because of their ability to reduce project costs, prevent delays and increase safety. Whether you're already involved in SUE or looking for new opportunities to expand into this exciting area of service, knowing about the latest capabilities is crucial. See how innovations in detection can help you see the unseeable and create comprehensive high-value 3D utility maps.

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View: Leica GDF321, Tribrach without Plummet