Leica BLK360 Scanner & RECAP Pro
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Leica BLK360 Scanner & RECAP Pro
Leica BLK360 Scanner & RECAP Pro

Leica BLK360 Scanner & RECAP Pro

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Introducing the New Leica BLK 360 Scanner - Autodesk RECAP Pro

Reality Capture for everyone


Maine Technical Source has a long history with scanning technology, from the beginning when it was a concept in a lab to the creation of the first CYRAX 2400 scanner. The goal of scanning was to quickly and accurately capture reality and bring into a CAD environment for engineering measurements.

Introducing the New Leica BLK360 the latest in scanning technology delivering a compact size, with completed scans in under 3 minutes.


BLS360 Imaging Laser Scanner

  • Smallest and lightest laser scanning system in the world
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs., Size: 6.5” tall x 4” in diameter
  • Less than 3 minutes for a full 360° reality capture
  • 3-D image point cloud available in real time
  • Selectable resolution settings
  • Calibrated full spherical image, HDR, LED flash support

Autodesk ReCap Pro Software

  • Gain complete access to Autodesk ReCap Pro for desktop, web, and mobile*
  • Control all aspects of the reality capture process remotely on Autodesk ReCap Pro for iPad
  • Automatically register and visualize scan data in the field
  • Mark up, tag, and collaborate on scans while on the job site
  • Reduce rework requests and share reality data remotely
  • Seamlessly transfer data to Autodesk design software*
    *Mobile available in spring 2017

Other tools you might consider

Leica CloudWorx CAD plugins allow users to work efficiently with large point clouds directly inside their chosen CAD system. They can use the native CAD tools and commands and the entire set of specialized point cloud commands provided by CloudWorx.

CloudWorx adds simple tools for viewing and working with slices of point cloud data to:

  • Speed up 2D drawing creation
  • 3D object and surface modelling
  • Enhance survey workflows
  • Improve as-built modelling
  • Simplify modelling in context


Please contact MTS for more information and or to schedule a demo.